Thursday, March 4, 2021

People To Kill (2018)

 The film starts with a shocking murder. Mom (Cassandra Engber) is reading something on the computer nd it causes her to go into hysterics. She runs to the bathroom where it appears that she is chased by someone and then her throat is slit. Her husband (Geoff Burkman) comes home where his son's Vince (Vincent Holiday) and Shawn (Adam Scott Clevenger) have found the body.

Then we leap ahead five years to Vince and Shawn still at home with Dad. Shawn runs a local nerd mecca that caters to Star Trek fans. Vince is worried about coming out to Dad and Dad seems to be losing things. The third son, Mike (Mike Canestaro) is a priest at a church in a rougher part of town.

One of Shawn's bright spots of his day is bumping into Savannah (Erin R. Ryan) a local prostitute with a vicious pimp called White Ben (Noah Shane). One day after Sahwn saves her from being attacked by White Ben they become closer.

Then, in an act of violence everything changes. The tone of the film becomes one of darkness and revenge.  Shawn starts peeling away the layers of the situation and old family secrets are dragged out into the light. Shawn finally makes a decision for the first time in a long time and realizes the only solution in his eyes is to make them all pay, regardless of his feelings.

I bought People To Kill because I do watch everything that Erin R. Ryan is in. In the role of Savannah she is fascinating to watch. She manages to flow from sweet to manipulative and aggressive without missing a beat. You can watch the transformation in her face as it happens and it is breathtaking.

I loved the scene in the strip club with Marylee Osborne and Geoff Burkman. Just a hilarious scene between two actors with a wonderful rapport between them.

Director Clevenger, makes a movie where it starts violent, falls into a daily routine with a dysfunctional family and then transforms into a revenge film where you really never saw one coming.

Not a bad trick for a first film.

Usually, if you give me a movie to watch that is over ninety minutes, I can get bored easily. Sure, there are exceptions to any rule and I am happy to say that People To Kill is one of them. It did not feel like a two hour plus production and it is a great movie that deserves more exposure to the world.

You can pick up your copy at

Thursday, December 31, 2020

THINGS 2 (1993)

 Producer David Sterling of Sterling Entertainment fame has recently been releasing box sets of his films. The Camp Blood set was magnificent. The Axegrinder set was cool, but thin. I passed on The Occultist set altogether.

But, I couldn't pass on the Things boxset.

I've seen a lot of these and they are silly fun with gore and monsters.

One problem; No Things 2 in the set.

Not sure why. Didn't really care.

I utilized my years of experience and unique resources to get a copy to watch.

Best idea of my life. (Not really)

It's the same concept of a captive audience. In this case a pizza delivery girl taking a pizza to a well known author who she is a huge fan of.

He offers to tell her two new stories and she decides to stay.

The first is another infidelity story with a twist you might not see coming. Much like the first film. The monster is cute and I liked this one.

Next we get a female photographer and a former police officer hunting down a serial killer that might not be human and might have a lot to do with the woman's father and his experiments when she was a child.

This time the wrap around has an additional twist you don't see coming at all.

This was a lot of fun and I'm glad I watched it before I continued with the Things boxset.

I am considering putting this up on my Google Drive and let people watch it for free. David Sterling can't sell it and no one else out there is putting it out there.


Friday, December 11, 2020

Babysitter Massacre: Daddy's Little Killer

 So, many moons ago my friend Henrique Couto made a movie called Babysitter Massacre. A throwback tio the classic slasher films of old. It was fun. I liked it.

There was a plan for sequels until COVID came along.

So, instead we get a book. The title is, well the title of this article and it was written by David O'Hanlon. The layout of the book is a throwback to things like Fear Street which I never read a single one of so, I'm not sure how this would compare.

I'm pretty sure none of those had the sexual energy of this particular book. Since it's not a movie the whole Have Sex and Die trope is a little more sleazy than what you would probably get in a movie.

And that's a good thing. The written word is made to push boundaries and this book manages to do that nicely.

There is even a tie in with the original movie  and an interesting tidbit leads us to believe that we will be seeing more of these in the near future.

The basic plot is there is a Babysitter's Club and some maniac is killing them off one by one in extreme gruesome fashion. Can the good girl, Lark save the day? Will the book follow the sacred rules of The Final Girl imbedded in all slasher films? 

You'll have to read the book to find out. I can tell you it is a fast read and the last fifty pages or so the action turns up to 11 and forces you to plow through until the satisfying ending and the we even get a equally bizarre epilogue.

 In a world without many new movies being made it is nice to see people like Couto stretching the boundaries and managing to give us something nearly as fun as a slasher film.

I can't wait for the next one.

Monday, July 27, 2020


Amityville Vibrator (2020) - IMDb

Some of my favorite film directors are what I would consider to be fearless. Nick Zed, John Waters, Jess Franco, Bill Zebub.
All weak in comparison to the maniacal genius named Nathan Rumler and his newest entry, Amityville Vibrator.
See, there are a lot of Amityville movies. A lot of them. Don't believe me? I went to IMDB and searched titles for Amityville. Know how many I got?
If ever something deserved to be mocked it was this particular franchise.
And Rumler does it with finesse. It's like he made a list of things you don't have in this kind of movie and just put it right in there.
Actual insertion (Sure it's a vibrator, but it still counts.)
Male nudity.
Puppet fucking.
Some amazing gore effects by James and Mae Bell.
An actual magic mushroom trip captured on film.
Nathan Rumler is not fucking around and willing to be the most fearless voice in the world of film. The fact that he convinced a cast and crew to go along with his mad plan speaks volumes on the sheer creative energy that is on display in this movie.
A lot of 2020 has sucked so far and Amityville Vibrator has managed to make the world a brighter place.
It's a simple story of a girl who has dumper her premature ejaculating boyfriend, played by Nathan. She goes on a sex toy shopping spree with her friend and they come across a yard sale where she is gifted with a black vibrator.
But is so much more than vibrator.
With a running time of a tight 63 minutes and a magnificent soundtrack by bands that I must hunt down and listen to, Amityville Vibrator is more than just the movie we want.
It's the movie we deserve.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Maniacal (2003)

Maniacal (film) - Wikipedia

I have always been a slasher film fan. In that particular genre you have what I like to refer to as a sub genre that I affectionately refer to as looney from the looney bin on the loose. Interestingly enough, Halloween isn't one of those I count in this sub genre as I feel it has been done to death.
I'm thinking more of things like Truth or Dare; A Critical Madness or The Last Slumber Party.
And now, Maniacal. It seems that Gilbert is a little slow and freakishly strong. His drunk father could care less and yells at Gilbert. To confuse his poor brain even farther his step mom is always being a little too kissy kissy. One day Gilbert snaps, smacks dad with a hammer and then proceeds to bash step mom's head in with the same hammer. Gilbert gets caught and is taken to the insane asylum to stew in his own insanity for a few years.
Then, the asylum decides he should be able to visit so, Dad is on his way to pick Gilbert up when Gilbert decides he wants to leave early by shoving a fork in an orderlies skull and snapping another ones neck. Before he can make it out of the asylum he is forced to rip a few other people to pieces and then he steals his own father's truck and heads for home. Home where his little sister is getting ready for a slumber party with her friends and some uninvited boys,.
I know what you're thinking; this sounds like a number of slasher films and you'd be right, except for one thing;
Joe Castro. Joe Castro not only directed the film, but he also did the gore effects. Joe's practical effects are some of the best in the business. He also directed a couple of my favorite flicks; Terror Toons and Legend of the Chupacabra. Joe brings his knowledge of practical effects along and the aforementioned step mom head bashing looks spectacular. The fork to the head? Yeah, that looked painful. All of the effects are practical and remind me of the fantastic slasher flicks from the 80s combined with the slasher SOV flicks of the 90s. In other words, Maniacal is a slasher film fans dream come true. There is a scene in a video store with so many VHS tapes on the shelves it took my breath away. I think if I had any criticism of this movie it would be this cool weapon that Gilbert put together with a pole some knives and duct tape. I would have liked to see that used in a few more kills in the film.
In addition I would like to mention Lee Web  as Gilbert for the sheer intensity he brings to the role of  a stone faced, silent killer.
Maniacal is available from Sterling Entertainment for a pretty reasonable price. I recommend it.

Sunday, June 7, 2020


The Flesh and Blood Show - Wikipedia

I though this sounded like a great movie. I do appreciate the fact that are so many boobs on display in this movie. The plot seems tired. A troupe of actors in a remote location getting whacked for a pretty mundane reason.  And it is just so damned dull. I was interested when I noticed a huge plot hole, but then the movie addresses that and gives us the explanation and, I don't know it just seems...meh. No real gore, a little blood and a whole lot of over acting in abundance. In the end it just seems long and you know you're in trouble when an acre of titties won't hold my interest for the running time of a movie. Oh well.


Passion Fever (1969) starring Eleni Anousaki on DVD - DVD Lady ...

So, not actually a Doris Wishman movie, but since she dubbed it all freehand without a clue as to what the movie was actually about it does have that Wishman flair to it. It is the tale Yorgos who is a ladies man. In the movie he just walks up to the ladies and asks them if they want to come back to his place for some fun. Then he falls hard for Micki, totally unaware she is a prostitute. Eventually, they end up together , but then one of his dalliances comes back to haunt him. A school girl named Delia who is pregnant with his child. Yeah, except it seems Wishman forgot about a throwaway line earlier in the movie when Yorgos stops at the pharmacy for some condoms in case his latest conquest isn't on birth control. No way Yorgos was going to pull this kind of a rookie move. The fact that she's a school girl is pretty disgusting, but Yorgos gets his at the end. The abrupt mend makes it fell like Doris made the movie after all. I can see what she saw in the production. A sleazy story and some gorgeous black and white cinematography made this quite an interesting movie.


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