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Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Do you see those rows and rows of pretty pink confections above this? They are called Musk Flavored Life Savers and they are from Australia. I first learned of these many moons ago when I was reading Paul Lukas' zine Beer Frame. Paul now has a website for all things bizarreat;
It's pretty cool and you should go there.
Anyway, back to the Life Savers.
So, I'm reading about these Musk Flavored LIfe Savers in Beer Frame and I become obsessed with trying them. I started trolling the internet for an Australian buddy and soon came across one. I sent her cash and she sent me the Life Savers. Musk Life Savers are Pepto Bismol pink and smell like Musk perfume. They have a sweet suntle taste that's hard to put your finger on because it assails your sense of smell as it attacks our sense of taste. Needless to say this is an acquired taste and my wife and I soon became addicted to the sweets. Unfortuantely, I lost contact with my Musk supplier and we hadn't had any of them for many, many moons.
Then I found an online store called About Australia. You can find them here;
Even with shipping and handling they come to less than a buck a roll which is a pretty good deal. Of course if you're curious that's quite an outlay of cash. For a little over twenty bucks you get 24 rolls of Musk and they at least make for a curious little thing to hand out to friends and family. The looks on their faces when they put one in their mouth for the first time is priceless.
Now I need to find the other Australian flavor THIRST!
God only knows what they must taste like.


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