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Thursday, December 6, 2018


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Written and Directed by Alex Keledjian
Starring Luke Wilson, David Arquette, Allie Gonino & Ryan Donowho

The band Hollow Body started out with a singer too scared to sing. With washed up and over the hill bad boy, JImmy (David Arquette) get them in front of people and use his pull with Rick (Luke Wilson) to get a record deal.  Then she got hit by lightning and everything changed. Now, she has become something more. Something dangerous...and evil.
This is an odd movie. It takes it's time to build up to what changes everything. It takes time to establish its characters so that when the movie shifts into horror territory it has more of an impact than ever. It also takes a look at how much the record business has changed. It's more about You Tube metrics and Instagram followers than talent. But, with the scars of lightning crisscrossing her body Rachel has a talent that, pun intended, is electrifying.
David Arquette does a great job as the washed up rock star you can see his desperation to get back into the lime light no matter what the cost and when a minor attack by Rachel restores his voice he considers her worth every penny. Allie Gonino does a great job at the innocent little girl who becomes a monster born of electricity. When she performs on stage she makes you watch her as she gyrates through every song.
Like I said at the beginning; this is an odd movie, but you know what? The world can use more odd movies. It doesn't try to be like anything else and it's probably one of the most original movies I've seen this year.
High Voltage is an odd little flick and that is a good thing.
A great thing.



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