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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm sure that regular readers of this blog are completely aware of this film and how it originally received a lot of controversy over the concept of Santa whacking people. Of course we all know that it was looney tunes Billy, not Santa who was responsible for this, but I remember fondly walking through picket lines at West Main Cinema to watch this flick. That was part of what made it good.
Now, I decided to revisit the flick. Sure, I caught it on videotape, but never saw a reason to revisit it.
Man, was I wrong!
This is one of the funniest flicks I have seen in forever. Let me run down a few highlights.
Just before Billy goes into the house to kill Linnea Quigley and her boy toy there are a group of carolers. One of them is obviously unaware of the words and overacts herself to death. This is obviously cracking up one of the other carolers.
And Linnea Quigley answering the door in a pair of Daisy Dukes and no top?!? Does she do this regularly? If so do the neighborhood boys knock on the door everytime she's babysitting.
The jaw dropping scene of Billy giving the little girl his bloody boxcutter because she has been good.
The one thing I do give credit for is the bleak Utah backdrop where the majority of this flick is set. It adds to the bizarre nature of the story.
Oh and when the cop shoots the deaf priest dressed like Santa Claus. Priceless!
I had a lot of fun with Martha watching this and we might have to make this a yearly kind of thing. A great flick that I must recommend to everyone.
And don;t be naughty or Santa will punish you and punishment is good!

Monday, December 29, 2008

5000 HITS!!!

Yes, the little counter of doom over there has informed me that we have passed the 5K mark. This is a big deal for this little blog so I thought I would take a moment to say thanks to everyone who visits here on a regular basis. Thanks to all of you.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Here at the offices of Divine Exploitation we would all like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. To celebrate in true Exploitation fashion please enjoy the clip at the end of this blog.
Last night I got an early present. We were watching Prison Break, another fine episode I might add. And then Martha turned it to RAW. I have always been a wrestling fan. One of my favorite wrestlers is Trish Stratus. Besides being very pretty the girl can fight! Anyway, she retired two years ago and then last night she came back! I was very excited about this. Even if it was just for the one show, it was cool. She looks a little skinnier than usual and her hair isn't quite as blonde, but it looks really good on her.

Thanks for my early Christmas present, Mr. McMahon. Can you see what you can do about Stone Cold coming back, now? That would be great.
Anyway, have a great one and here's the clip:

Monday, December 22, 2008


This close to the holiday season what could possible play well at The Compound?
That's right, we watched the original Slumber Party Massacre and The Tripper. It started out with all the kids except Delia who was having an emo fit. Martha wandered down as the shit started to hit the fan onscreen and we had a great time making fun of all the drill inspired mayhem. Dennis was fond of the huge boob count at the beginning of the flick to be replaced by the gore quotient towards the end.
I always have fun watching this flick.
The second one was a new one in The Compound. The Tripper is by David Arquette and deals with a killer with an axe, and a suit and a tie and a Ronald Reagan mask! This is without a doubt one weird flick. Sure, it's full of famous people like Paul Rubens and Thomas Jane who acts like he's channeling his character from Boogie Nights, but it's so much more. Full of naked and wild gore setpieces this is one fun flick. Did I mention Jason Mewes is in it? He's very, no Jay, funny in this thing.
I only kept Dandelion and Dan for this flick. The rest wandered off.
Good stuff.

Friday, December 19, 2008


I watched it because Simon Pegg was in it. Weird seeing him with an American accent, but he pulled it off admirably.
Now for the flick;
In the end I found it depressing and meaningless. Sure, it does a good job of wrapping up a huge amount of loose ends, but the basic plot of a blackmail scheme gone horribly wrong felt like it had been done before. Plus the fact that I really don't like David Schwimmer and his style of acting. Some people must because of how popular Friends was, but he just ain't my particular cup of tea.
Simon Pegg looked a little chunky and even had a bit of menace in his part. Alice Eve was the reason to watch the flick. I might have tuned in for Simon Pegg, but I stayed for the incredibly gorgeous Alice Eve.
This is one of those quirky, throw everything at the wall and see what sticks, form of comedy that takes a tragic turn at the end.
I was glad I watched it for Pegg's performance and to discover the lovely Alice Eve, but as for the rest of it?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


No, it's not some creepy Satanic upside down thingie. It comes from something my buddy Holger is doing at his site. Go HERE for the skinny.
I thought about this and like the idea, but will be tweaking it for my own reasons.
Here is my list;

1. 9 Jess Franco Films I haven't seen
2. 9 films with people from Franco films that he didn't direct.
3. 9 zombie films I haven't seen
4. 9 minicomics.
5. 9 movies in the 50 pack I bought last year and and still haven't gotten around to watching.
6. 9 novelizations of movies. (The movie had to come first.)
7. 9 non fiction books dealing exclusively with film in some fashion.
8. 9 viewings of the film A Virgin Among The Living Dead with a write up of each time and what I may have missed each time.
9. 9 exploitation films made before 1950

There, that should keep me busy for quite some time. Thanks go out to Holger for suggesting this idea. Now let's see if I can keep it on track.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Another long, wintry weekend and that means movies to watch. This time around it was the low budget flicks ZOMBIE STRIPPERS and POULTRYGEIST. My buddy Stew made me a copy of Poultrygeist. Yeah, the disc was empty. Way to go Stew! Anyway, I downloaded it myself and what can I say? It's typical Troma. Funny, irreverent, politically incorrect and full of naked girls. I would cover the basic premise here, but why bother? This flick has been floating around one way or another for quite some time. Does this mean I'm going to rush out and buy the 3 disc collector set? You bet! This was something akin to the first time I saw The Toxic Avenger. And the lead actress Kate Graham is gorgeous to look at and has a lovely singing voice. This one is over the top in gore, sex and feces and doesn't pull a single punch. My only complaint is that some of the effects were a little shoddy, but what can you do? I'm sure Lloyd Kaufman poured every cent he had into the flick.
This one so deserves a theatrical release and it won't get it. I recommend that everyone get one this Christmas Season and give an extra one to a loved one as well.
Now, with Zombie Strippers we get a different kind of animal.
This is hilarious and looks to be a cult film in the making. You know those movies that try to be a cult film and fail? This one hit it on the head. When a zombie gets into a secret strip bar and infects the lead girl at the bar, chaos runs amok. For some reason the crowd wants to see zombie girls stripping more than regular ones. And because the virus that created the zombies is an estrogen based thing, the women keep their intelligence after they are dead. The gore is plentiful, the naked is all there as well. Just one complaint. The lead, good girl, Jennifer Holland really needed to get naked for us. I felt that we deserved it and it never happened. I know, how can I complain about this with so much other nudity running rampant in the flick? I guess I'm just selfish is all.
Robrt Englund is a madman and insane and all that is good in a flick of this variety and I just can't find anything to complain about with this flick. I'd recommend a sequel, but have no idea how they would pull it off. (And no, you pervs, that's not a pun.)
I gotta go.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008


In my recent post concerning the passing away of Forry Ackerman I mentioned that Bettie Page was sick. She's not sick anymore. She is at rest.
Goodbye Ms. Page. I want to thank you for jumpstarting my puberty with a vengeance. No one was as sensually gorgeous as Bettie Page.
And now she lives on in our memories.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Just one of those things you hate to do. Forrest J. Ackerman fed my horror film frenzy as a child and even when I got older. Now he's gone and if that wasn't bad enough, Bettie Page is in a coma after a heart attack.
Oh and it won't stop snowing.
Goodbye Forry. I will miss you.

Friday, December 5, 2008


I have decided to implement a new thing here at Divine Exploitation. We are going to call them The Divine Exploitation Awards. What that means is that I pore over all that has been done this year in the realm of the weird and exploitative and they will get an award. It is an actual award and people who win them can have theirs, but they will have to contact me to get it. Okay, I might contact them, but what the heck, right?
Anyway, here are the categories AND THE WINNERS!!!!;

BEST WEBCOMIC OF 2008 - Girls With Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto

BEST MINICOMIC OF 2008 - Fu-Manchu VS. L'il Jason by Stew Miller
BEST MICRO BUDGET FILM OF 2008 - Necroville By Billy Gaberina and Richard Griffin

BEST PUBLICATION OF 2008 - Video Watchdog by Tim and Donna Lucas

BEST BOOK OF 2008 - Tough To Kill Volume 1 by David Zuzelo and Paul Cooke

BEST ACTOR OF 2008 - Adam Jarmon Brown for Alex in Necroville
BEST ACTRESS OF 2008 - Lorna Nogueira for Moaner in The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck

BEST DIRECTOR OF 2008 - Michael Legge for The Dungeon Of Dr. Dreck
BEST PODCAST OF 2008 - The Ken P.D. Syndecast by Ken Plume and Dana Snyder


There's the list, people. Now I have to get the awards to all of those who earned it.
If you don't know who these people are you owe it to yourself to get out there and hunt this stuff down. It will make you extremely happy.
I'm Out!

FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009)

I can remember seeing the original in the theater forever ago. I go see all of them in the theater. My youngest daughter thinks that Jason Voorhees is one cool dude. I have a Friday The 13th doll for crying out loud!
That being said; I hate remakes. Despise the things.
Kind of made me glad that Michael Bay said that this more like Friday The 13th 3.5. You know before he gets dead and after he gets the hockey mask. There is a lot of time that takes place between some of the sequels and this is a rich area to mine for additional chapters in the legend of Jason Voorhees. I am so glad they didn't just try to redo the first one because that would have sucked and I wouldn't have gone to see it.
It will be out soon so, in the meantime, I give you the trailer (There's a newer trailer at Yahoo!, but I don't know how to imbed that one, sorry.) And there's a poster as well.

ENJOY! You officially have my permission to go and watch this flick and have a good time without feeling guilty.


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