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Wednesday, January 30, 2019



I remember the days of old black and white comics. Vampirella being a huge favorite. I mean come on! How could you not like that costume, especially when I was a teen age boy? No contest. Well, now we get all the horror, all the action, all the kinky sex from the newest comic book to assault our senses. I am referring to Bolt Action.
After a successful Kickstarter the people behind the mayhem of this blast from the past have decided to let you, the discerning public take hold of this mighty tome with both hands. You'll need both hands trust me on this one.
With words and pictures by David Zuzelo, Tim Tyler, Neil Vokes, Skylar Owens, Brian LeBlanc and William Skaar, Bolt Action is a massive tome of old school exploitation.
And it's like the catered it to exploitation junkies in the worst way. There is a cohesive story line throughout that lets us embrace the theater going experience that it is emulating. Lots of little nods to the gods of exploitation are smartly sprinkled throughout. It reminded me of old issues of Creepy and Eerie magazine with the sexiness of Vampirella all combined into a wonderful stew.
Are you one of those people who just wait fro places like Vinegar Syndrome, Severin Films or Synapse Films to release some old school films to the public at large. Do you know who Jess Franco is? Do the names Fred Olen Ray and Jim Wynorski make you smile?
Then Bolt Action was tailor made for you.
I leave you some teasers and will update when there is a link to purchase...

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


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In 2016 Donald Trump was elected president. While having lunch with Mike Pence and Paul Ryan they all 'accidentally' fell to their deaths. Quick to find a replacement, the government pushed through an additional term for Barack Hussein Obama which eventually turned him into President for life.
Flash forward to the year 2040 and Obamaland has become a reality and the planet will never be the same. Obama has become obsessed with his redistribution ray that will use a laser to redistribute the wealth of Obamaland to everyone.
One problem...lasers do not redistribute anything and it has become quite clear that Barack Obama has gone around the bend.
Enter Tinder Tucker who after an aborted gang rape at a Mexican bar has become on of the freedom fighting Trumpublikans who will use the power of the chain restaurant Applecheez to bring down the president and return America to her former greatness.
Sounds ludicrous, doesn't it?
The thing that works for this is that all of the actors sell it by playing it straight. No matter how bizarre the film gets, they give you one hundred percent and that helps propel even the most inane concepts that are introduced in the film.
Think of the old Airplane films with a Troma filter and you have what Obamaland is. People with a thin skin will probably be offended on both sides of the political agenda, but I think that's it's purpose. Behind the broad swipes of political humor we get a deeper message about the corruption of power regardless of even the best of intentions. Everything must have a balance or things will just spiral out of control.
Finally, the sent me a hat just like the one that Obama is wearing on the movie poster.
I'm a sucker for free stuff and this one is going on the shelf...or I'm wearing it to a Trump rally and seeing how long it takes anyone to notice.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Silent Night Deadly Night 6

I know what you're saying; 'there isn't a part 6, ya stupid fuck.' First off...harsh. Second, yes there is and while it is a fan film it is more entertaining than the last couple of releases that are part of the series. It's chopped into four pieces which I have imbedded below. Yes, it's no budget, yes some of the acting is awful, yes that axe is a piece of painted cardboard, but it works and I had a lot of fun watching this. I hope they make another movie soon.

Enjoy and thanks to Matthew Skelly for showing me this.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Hello 2019

I have no evidence that this year will be less of a trash fire than the last one, but there is always hope. Here at Divine Exploitation there will be much writing. Well, not on this actual blog, but there is still the second half of the Monster Killer series to get done and I started a new blog about the last six months left at my current place of employment.
I have also decided on huge amounts of self promotion so I will be posting where you can buy all the stuff I have written. I also need to update the scroll on the right to encompass the newer issues of the print version of this blog. And remember, the print version has things that never appear here.
News on the Polonia Book; Honestly, I just stopped doing the research involved in getting it done. Mark Polonia has been nothing but kind whenever I pester him with questions. I plan on picking it back up after Monster Killer is finished. Probably after I quit my job and have more free time. The same goes for the new edition of the Michael Legge book. Michael made what he is calling his last film so, that will be the definitive version of the book. I plan on a color cover with original artwork for it so, that will be cool.

Let's finish up with some of that shameless self promotion I promised;

Image result for monster killer kalamazoo khaos

Have an excellent year and stick around. I promise things will be at the very least...interesting?


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