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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Here's What I Think of The New Captain America

I have been a fan for many decades of Captain America. He is my favorite super hero. A few years ago they launched a new Captain America book written by Rick Remender. I stuck it out for 10 issues and it was terrible. It read more like torture porn than a comic book and it was just exhausting.
So, I quit buying it.
He did the same thing with Uncanny Avengers. Luckily, the new incarnation of Uncanny Avengers is much better.
When I heard that they were doing the Hail Hydra thing with the new book. I didn’t like the new book to begin with. The uniform looks terrible and I hate the shield. I liked what I read on Free Comic Book Day, but then it turned into this.
I have no intentions of buying this book.
I have decades of Captain America books I can just go back and enjoy.
I’m not sure what Marvel is doing lately. They have cancelled a handful of interesting books and are just piling on multiple books of the same characters.
At this point if they cancel Squirrel Girl and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur I would have no reason to stay with Marvel.
I actually like that DC is currently making me happy. A little leery about the twice monthly thing, but we will have to wait and see. Their Hanna Barbera comics are amazing.
I find myself buying more independent comics; Godzilla Oblivion, Klaus, Another Castle, The Mighty Zodiac and enjoying them quite a bit.
Marvel’s big twists and showboating is doing nothing more than driving away a loyal fan base.
And that’s fine.
I’m getting too damned old to care anymore.


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