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Saturday, June 1, 2013


I have always loved mini comics. Making them, reading them. It was recently when I was reading a book about zines that I found this unique 8 fold process to make a little comic book. To say I got carried away is an understatement. Here are some of the ones I have done to date;

Based on the podcast Tell 'Em Steve Dave. If you order one of my other mini comics, I will throw one of these in as a request. 

The only way to get one of these is to appear at one of my live shows. I do them once a month at the 411 Club in Kalamazoo Michigan. See you there.

Doug Life is my autobiographical comic. This issue my lovely wife, Martha and I went to Ann Arbor to see The Proclaimers.

This issue of Doug Life deals with my hate/hate problem of being a bike rider and stupid people who like to break glass. 

When Jess Franco passed away I decided to do a series of comics, each one dealing with one of his films. This one is an introduction and can be had for free if you order issue 2 that deals with his film WE ARE 18. 

My first attempt at a super hero comic. Yes, he's a giant K. I just finished issue 2 of this one.

I do accept trades. Ordering the Franco File is just a dollar and I throw in a freebie. Kapitan Kalamazoo is a quarter, but you need to throw in a few shekels for postage and I will throw in some freebies.

I just finished the first issue of THOR and that is also a quarter.

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Thanks for reading.


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