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Monday, December 10, 2012


Director: Ayan Pratap

Screenwriter: Jim Suthers

Cast: Aleece Jones, John Michael Herndon, Christopher Ivins

Cinematography: Will Turner

The basic plot is a small town girl who wants to be an artist. She knows that if she can escape the small town life she will make it. She knows this. Her only source of inspiration is an unfinished mural that may be gone if the abandoned factory it adorns is destroyed.
Now, she has to ask herself; What is important?

The Again deals with a lot of themes that are revisited time and again in film. This can lead to cliches and tired old film making at its worst. But they don't have actress Aleece Jones. She breathes such life in to this part that you wish there was more movie.

You see, I get it. Small town artist. Fighting for things you know are right and it doesn't matter. I get what this is about having been there so many times myself in real life.

Then Again struck a chord with me that I know it will strike with others like me. Hell, maybe even people who aren't like me at all.

I like this movie...a lot.


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