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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Terror of the Master (1998)

For me Jeff Kirkendall comes from the many roles he has played in Polonia Bros films. But as fine an actor as he is, he also does a great job behind the camera. His anthology film Halloween Horror Tales (2018) is outstanding and very original. 

So, when the opportunity to see his 1998 feature Terror of the Master came along, how could I say no? Being a huge fan of the old school SOV films I was glad to see that this was of that particular genre. 

It's the tale of Drew Thompson (Maitely Weissman) who, along with her sister Amelia (Jennifer Birn) own a small antique shop. Drew is also a reporter for a local TV station, mostly doing fluff pieces even though she wants, like all reporters, to find that big break. When a terrified young woman comes into her shop and leaves as quickly as she arrives, Drew finds out that she is the latest victim in missing young women.

The answers to all the disappearances are supernatural in nature, vampires to be specific, but a clever one who uses a ring of bank robbers to keep him safe and supplied with the virgin blood he needs to survive. Now Drew and Amelia must defeat this monster and save each other from his grasp.

This is a fun vampire movie. My biggest point of curiosity was that Jeff Kirkendall, Tim Hatch and James Carolus were all in it and it is from the ancient times of 1998. Twenty four years ago. I feel it necessary to pick on Jeff, a little, for the mullet. I barely recognized a younger, thinner James and to be honest, I needed to read the credits to realize that Tim Hatch was the kindly station worker Leon.

SOV from the 90s are notorious for being hit or miss. Terror of the Master is a definite hit and I had a great time watching it.

Thanks Jeff. 

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