Sunday, June 7, 2020


Passion Fever (1969) starring Eleni Anousaki on DVD - DVD Lady ...

So, not actually a Doris Wishman movie, but since she dubbed it all freehand without a clue as to what the movie was actually about it does have that Wishman flair to it. It is the tale Yorgos who is a ladies man. In the movie he just walks up to the ladies and asks them if they want to come back to his place for some fun. Then he falls hard for Micki, totally unaware she is a prostitute. Eventually, they end up together , but then one of his dalliances comes back to haunt him. A school girl named Delia who is pregnant with his child. Yeah, except it seems Wishman forgot about a throwaway line earlier in the movie when Yorgos stops at the pharmacy for some condoms in case his latest conquest isn't on birth control. No way Yorgos was going to pull this kind of a rookie move. The fact that she's a school girl is pretty disgusting, but Yorgos gets his at the end. The abrupt mend makes it fell like Doris made the movie after all. I can see what she saw in the production. A sleazy story and some gorgeous black and white cinematography made this quite an interesting movie.

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