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Thursday, October 28, 2010


 So, there’s this sociopath by the name of James Bennett (Sila Weir Mitchell, who was excellent as Haywire in the Prison Break television series. He manages to get out of a high security prison with dead bodies in his wake. He’s headed home.
This is bad for a group of students that are studying his home turf for a thesis they are working on.
Yeah, you can see how this is going to roll, don’t you?
This comes across as a new kind of grindhouse kind of flick. One of those filled with gore, psychos and really cute ladies. Titillation at many levels.
Mitchell was one of my favorite parts of Prison Break, of which I was one of those huge fans. I thought he did very well in that role. He brings that kind of intensity turned up to eleven for the roll of Bennett.
For me the reason to watch this was America Olivo, one of my favorites from the flick Bitch Slap. She brings that vibe with her to this flick. Maybe not as severe, but she is definitely the one to watch in Circle.
The DVD has previews and a featurette.
CIRCLE delivers on everything and that is something to praise in a time where a lot of smaller budgeted films tend to cheat the viewer. Circle doesn’t make that mistake.

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