Friday, April 29, 2011


Okay, we start this puppy off with a viking ship hitting the beast and a berserker warrior getting off the boat to wreak havoc. Then we flash forward to present day, well 1987 anyway, and a group of kids ready to go camping. Yeah, they'll be camping where they elderly couple just got gutted like trout.
Once they show up it hits the fan and it's berserker vs the obnoxious teens. Along the way there is plenty of beer drinking, joint smoking and a sex scene with a girl with the smallest boobies I have seen in forever. Oh and some hard rocking songs written expressly for the film help to rock out sporadically throughout the flick.
Berserker is a little odd because you just have no idea what is going on. They mention the curse of the berserker and say that someone must become the berserker every generation. But when they reveal the identity of the berserker it doesn't gel for me.
The acting is bad, the gore is kind of skimpy and if I see a bear growl at a camera again it will be too soon. Every five minutes that poor bear growls at the camera. I hope he got paid well for his constant emoting to the camera.
George 'Buck' Flowers is wasted in his role with some bizarre accent. And there is no trailer to be found anywhere, and believe me, I tried.
Maybe if you see this one out there in the world you should just run in the opposite direction.

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