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So, here's the thing. I love Amy Lynn Best and Mike Watt. The husband and wife team that founded Happy Cloud Pictures, along with the uber cool Bill Holman, make my favorite movies. When I saw Resurrection Game I was gobsmacked. Someone figured out that the best way to make a zombie movie is to make it your own. Don't tag along with whatever flavor zombies were that month. Add to that a Philip K. Dick feel to the whole thing and we have a winner. Severe Injuries came next and it was what a horror comedy was supposed to be. Once again, they got it. They understood that they had to, once again, make it their own.
Then I was fortunate enough to make it to their second convention, Genghis Con 2. I finally got to meet them. They were awesome and they showed their current film, Abattoir.
I really love Abattoir. I'm sad that they had to change the name to Feast of Flesh, but I looked past it and have one of my favorite vampire films that I watch on rotation. Maybe I'll photoshop my own box art for the DVD and put the old title on it. Maybe.
Then came Splatter Movie. I'm not sure what went South for me on that one. I keep telling myself I'll revisit it and that might make a difference. Maybe I was grumpy that day. I have no idea. I had the same response to Chris Seaver's Film Crew and after multiple viewings it clicked for me and I like it. Michael Legge's Potential Sins was another case where the movie and I were not getting along. So, like I said, maybe a revisit to Splatter Movie is in order.
And, the funny thing for me is that if Mike is reading this right about now he's got steam coming out of his ears.
Ah, I can hear his voice now.
Alright, Mike, you win.
Here we go.
DEMON DIVAS AND THE LANES OF DAMNATION deals with a couple of girls who work at a bowling alley. Nice girls. A little plain looking, but nice. Coventry Lanes is owned by a group of women who are more than they seem to be. They do not do a lot to hide it, but they never come out and say it. These girls are in college and tormented by a group of sorority girls that know that they are better than normal people and are not ashamed to say it. They live to torment the two girls. Then the women offer the girls a chance to look better and get a little revenge in the process. Seems the sorority plans on having a party at Coventry Lanes.
That's right, people. It's about to hit the fan.
A lot of people will remember Sorority Babes and The Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama. I watched it for one reason; Linnea Quigley. One of my favorite true scream queens. Demon Divas in no Bowl-A-RAma.
And that's a good thing.
I don't want a rehash of something I still watch. Yeah I still Watch Bowl-A-Rama. Wanna make something of it?
Mr. Watt took his prodigious writing talents and crafted something that I think would make my head spin if I attempted it. The five owners of Coventry Lanes speak together all the time. Sometimes each one gets a sentence, sometimes not. This whole structure would make me crazy and Mr. Watt pulls it off without a hitch. He plays it smart by casting the five demons as people he already has history. His lovely wife Amy Lynn is my second favorite. Sorry Amy, but Brinke Stevens will always win my fanboy nerd heart. I do admit, however, that I thought that Ms. Best is infinitely cuter in her bowling outfit than her dress as a demon diva. Didn't like the dress. Loved the bowling togs. The special effects are pretty darned good. The film looks beautiful.
This is a good solid horror flick.
Ready for my complaint?
Why is Rachelle Williams not naked?!?!
Rachelle Williams is one of my favorite actresses in the micro budget world. I think Meredith Host might edge her out slightly from the number one slot, but that's it. She's very pretty naked. We've seen her naked in the past. It's not a new thing just something I always expect.
There, my one complaint.
And let me address the obvious. The haters who will say, 'Yeah, but you and Mike are buddies! You're review doesn't count!'
Um, I paid cash money for my copy of DEMON DIVAS AND THE LANES OF DAMNATION. And Mike and I are more acquaintances than buddies. I'll have to go drinking with him to be buddies.
You should do the same.
Oh and Mike? Yeah I like the title Coventry Lanes better.

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