Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Lately, I have been filling in the blanks on my slasher flicks and this one came up. Why not I thought? Daphne Zuniga is in it and she's pretty cute.
Well, we'll get to that.
Seems that a dorm is going to be razed to the ground so a few students are recruited to make some cash by selling off a lot of the old stuff in the dorm and get it ready for demolition.
Remember I mentioned Daphne Zuniga? Yeah she's in the first few minutes of the flick. Seems that she can't stay and help because her parents are on their way to pick her up. Our slasher won't hear of it and slaughters the parents and Daphne gets her chest crushed by a car. Since the rest of the kids thought she was leaving she is not missed. Soon, we discover that there is a handyman on site as well as this crazy dude that might as well have the words 'red herring' painted on the front of his shirt.
With only four kids to kill the murders in this are pretty sparse. Sure, the handyman is done in with a power drill, but the makers of this flick realized they had painted themselves into a corner with the small cast so we get lots of spooky music with no payoff. Kind of a tease.
The murders are bloody enough and the effects seem to come off without a hitch and look good on camera. I thought it was funny that they introduced a secondary character for no other reason than they needed his girlfriend to show us her titties. They were nice titties, don't get me wrong, but that was pretty superficial. At least they remembered to put them in there.
So, a mediocre slasher flick at best and I didn't like the ending. Watch at your own discretion.
And why the original title was PRANKS is beyond me. Didn't make any sense.

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