Sunday, April 3, 2011


Another Cinema Wasteland come and gone. What a hoot!

The bullet points;

Michael Berryman might be one of the coolest people I have ever met at one of these things.

David Hess seems truly demented in real life.

Tom Atkins? Yeah, just as cool as Michael Berryman. Maybe even cooler.

Letting my friends Michael and Robert loose and them having a really good time.

Finally meeting Dr. Rhonda Baughman in the flesh and giving her her annual bag of birthday swag.

Always glad to see Bill Zebub, but sad that he wasn't playing a flick this weekend. I also thought it was funny that he creeped out Michael and Robert.

Played the 42 questions with 42nd Street Pete and won for the second time in a row. Apparently, you only get to win three times before they retire you. And, the questions were too damn easy.

Watching 16mm prints of Devil Doll and It! The Terror From Beyond Space.

Electric ukele with Henrique Couto.

Splattertude rocking the house!

Having a nice chat with Mike Watt.

Seeing Chris Seaver and Travis Indovina who is a madman.

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