Tuesday, April 19, 2011


As many of you may know I've been laid up with this magnificent head cold sinus thingie as of late. Drinking plenty of liquids and getting lots of rest. Anyway, I decided to watch me some demented cinema and went to the old SOV shelf (SOV means Shot On Video for the uninformed).
Here is what I let run before my weary head.


Not even feature length, this tells a pretty straightforward tale of a psycho who gets loose, jams a hooked fork into the stump of his hand and goes on a killing rampage. That being said, this was a pretty fun little flick. Reminds me of something Chris Seaver would do if he was a little more mean spirited. The effects are fair. The guy playing the psycho killer was hilarious and I loved the ending of this one.

You can watch the whole thing on youtube, but here's a taste;


Many moons ago I had to review a double feature that included this flick and something called TERROR AT TENKILLER. That flick didn't leave much of an impression, but this one did. From the most Godawful wall paper I have seen in my life, and remember I'm old so I've seen lots of wallpaper, to just cheesy clothing. Seems this doctor gave this psycho a lobotomy and all it did was piss off the psycho. He dresses like a doctor, grabs a scalpel and heads for the Doc's house where three girls are having an innocent little slumber party.
Yeah right.
It doesn't take long for the blood to flow and the bodies to pile up.
There are things I really liked about this movie, but if it's a slumber party movie and there's a shower scene and there's no nudity we are gonna have a problem.
Other than that, kind of fun and a little twisted.


If I complained too much about the lack of nudity in the two preceding films, then this one makes up for it. We have a house inhabited by some evil spirit. This new age dude gets the house and since it has ten bedrooms he goes in search of roommates. Girl roommates.
Weird stuff starts happening and people start winding up dead. The funniest thing is it is in Horror Vision. Apparently, Horror Vision is a shot of a black glove and some freaky sounds. It tells you when someone is gonna get bloody. Yeah, sometimes they forget the glove and people get bloody anyway.
I love a movie where they figure if they throw a plethora of boobies at the screen no one will mind. They are correct. I thought BOARDINGHOUSE was a blast!

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