Monday, May 2, 2011


What we have here is a slasher flick where the sorority girls are going home for the holidays, but a few of them stay behind. Then Belinda Montgomery, better known as Doogie Howser's mom, plays Dr. Gilmore and she believes that something fishy is going on at the insane asylum. Seems they were supposed to release John Howard, a slightly off, well meaning looney. Yeah, the released Howard Johns instead and the last time he was out he slaughtered a bunch of girls from, wait for it, yeah that sorority I mentioned.
And how did this mute, wide eyed psychotic get released anyway?
The hospital tried to cover it up saying Johns is dead, but it doesn't stop the body count from growing.
I don't know. It does cover all the bases; blood, boobs and well, boobs. Belinda Montgomery seems out of place here, but Viveca Lindfors shines as the looney house mother. It just seems so, I don't know, thin. I realize that there isn't usually a lot of character development in this kind of thing but it should have been better.
It was in 3-D for crying out loud!
I'm leaving you with the trailer. Judge for yourself.

Silent Madness [VHS]

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