Sunday, May 15, 2011

SUPER (2010)

I have been crazy about this movie since I first saw the trailer. I knew I would have to watch it.

Yeah, then I watched it.
Sure, there are things I can say that I liked about the film. Some of Rainn Wilson's performance is spot on. Ellen Page does a great job at being completely nutzoid, but in the end...I really don't like this movie.

The trailer comes across as a guy who is fed up, lost his wife and at the end of his rope so he decides it's time to become a super hero. A vision with God touching his brain and showing him the cowl of The Crimson Bolt sort of nudges him in this direction.

His weapon of choice is a monkey wrench. Having done plumbing in my life, I have rapped my knuckles with a monkey wrench before. Yeah, that's gonna hurt. At first he tries to stop some minor crimes, but really it's about getting his wife back.
Kind of a selfish reason to become a super hero.
When Ellen Page as Bolty is added to the mix, things become dangerous. She is homicidal and delusional. A combo that really doesn't work if you want to be a good guy.

Now for the one thing that ruined the movie for me. And yes, as much as I despise spoilers, this is a huge one. If you don't want to read it I suggest you leave now, go watch the movie for yourself and come back later.
You have been warned.

Remember, I said there would be a spoiler. You should leave now if you plan on seeing this thing. It will ruin the movie for you.

Last warning.

Okay, here goes. They kill Bolty. Ellen Page gets half her face taken off by gunfire. Why? No Idea. Is it supposed to give Crimson Bolt the drive to storm the house and take his wife back? Well, since after a short time she leaves him for a better, more productive life, that can't be it. I think it was for nothing more than shock value and that is a bad reason. I think her surviving would have made for a better film and given Rainn Wilson's character more than what he ended up with which was a rabbit that he got from the pet shop.

In the end this is not a super hero film. Kick Ass was a super hero film. This was just some psychotic episode with a stupid ending. I'm not even going to bother with the incredibly misleading trailer.

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