Monday, September 24, 2012


I first met Henrique Couto at Cinema Wasteland. He was the madman with the electric ukulele. I then noticed him in some Low Budget Pictures by Chris Seaver. Then came Face of Schlock and Marty Jenkins and the Vampire Bitches. Henrique Couto is a talented young man who I am happy to call my friend.
Recently, I was invited to Englewood Cinema in Dayton, Ohio to watch his horror film, Bleeding Through. You can check the review of that film here.
At that premiere he invited all of us to come back for his next film, Depression: The Movie.
Depression deal with four stories of people who deal with their depression in different ways. It also shows them coming to face with everything from issues with an estranged father to never finding your true love.
The cool thing is that it does it in the form of a comedy. From hilarious sight gags to some of the best dialogue I have heard this year, the four people who make up this film know that they are depressed and still manage to soldier on.
Mr. Couto put a lot of himself up on the screen that night in Englewood and that is what works so well. I was proud of him doing a little old fashioned ballyhoo with prescription bottles full of candy with the title of the movie on the label to an inspired sing along where we actually got to follow the bouncing ball. He made it more than a movie, he made it an experience to remember for a lifetime.
I know an eight hour round trip is a heck of a journey to see a film, but when it comes from Henrique Couto it is more than worth the price. 

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