Saturday, September 29, 2012


CONCEALED is a cool idea, let me use their synopsis to bring you up to speed;

Concealed 360 is an interactive film which uses 360-degree audio and visual exploration to explore how one’s personal perspective affects their interpretation of narrative. Concealed 360 is about Dillon Wagner, an amateur drug trafficker, who emerges from a coma and tries to figure out how he ended up in a hospital. In addition to his memory loss, he finds out that his closest friend and drug connection, Joey Valeri, was murdered. Not knowing why, or by whom, Wagner desperately tries to piece together the last few days leading up to the murder. Filmed with a 360-degree camera-rig consisting of six 1080p cameras, the film will enable users to pan 360-degrees, while taking in the action of each scene as it unfolds in order to solve the murder mystery.

I can remember going to Disney World when I was a kid and they had this cool exhibit where you stood in a room and there was a screen alll the way around the room. They shot tours of famous places in this process and it felt like you were there, drawing you into the event. Very cool.

Concealed does the same, but with a narrative storyline instead of a documentary style of film. I think that it might not work as well because each individual has different life experiences that would color their perception of what they are seeing. But, it is a great attempt at bringing something new to film. I would love to see a huge, big budget action movie shot like this. It would be phenomenal!

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