Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Divine Exploitation is trying something new. A theme issue. More of a one shot focusing on one, or in this case two, filmmakers. Ladies and gentlemen I give you...

In between working on my Michael Legge book I have found myself drawn again and again to the films of Mark and Teresa Baranowski. Enough so that I thought they deserved their own issue of Divine. Sure, I'm going to reprint old interviews with the couple, but there will be so much more in the issue. A wealth of information, if you will.
I am taking preorders on this special edition.
Anyone ordering now gets it for the low price of only five bucks. My PayPal address is for those of you who can't wait. Anyone preordering the book before print will receive a four issue subscription to Divine Exploitation. What a bargain.
Stay tuned for more updates as I get closer to the finished product.

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