Sunday, October 19, 2008


So, Friday night is usually Beer Friday at The Waltz Compound, but people had stuff to do. I invited a few people to go with Martha and I to see Crawlspace Eviction, an improv troupe here in the wilds of Kalamazoo. Led by the amazing couple Dann and Tara Sytsma, Crawlspace Eviction is two hours of various forms of comedy. This time with a political event in a show called My Country Tis of Wii. Unfortunately, no one nibbled on the invite except for my oldest, Seann. So, the three of us made our way there and it was, as always, a fun time where I laughed very loud often. It's hard to single out the one thing that was funnier than the rest. Martha would say it was the routine they do when they interview a member of the audience, in this case a young nanny named Molly, and then recreate her day as a nightmare. Molly had to be the worst nanny ever and it was killing Martha. When funny man Adam Carter pretended to be a big joint while she was watching Star Trek Voyager, the whole house roared with laughter. My favorite piece would have been the beginning of the second half of the show which is their long form. It was Dann and Tara pretending to sell toys at some sort of expo. It was more sweet than funny and I really liked that.
All in all it was a great night and I wanted to stay for the play afterward, but we had children to pick up at football games so, I had to miss out. Bummer.
If you live in the surrounding area you need to check out one of these shows. Go to their site here for more information. You will not be sorry you went.

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