Monday, October 27, 2008


These are four releases that a lot of us have been waiting a while for. And now they are here and let me tell you, it was worth the wait.
First up we have a Jess Franco two-fer, and what a two-fer it is! BLOODY MOON is Jess Franco’s take on the slasher flick and while it has been out there in one form or another over the years, it has never looked this good!
There’s a killer on the loose in Europe’s International Youth Club Boarding School of Languages and the blood is gonna fly as only Franco can do it. Of course there is that, but Jess manages to fuse a little incest, some voyeurism and roller disco into this depraved and weird storyline.
This is the best that this flick has ever looked and coupled with a great featurette with the master director himself and you have what is a perfect release.
After showing all the slasher wannabees how it’s done, Jess set his sites on the huge flow of 80’s cannibal flicks with DEVIL HUNTER. Sure, you’ve seen cannibal movies before, but when’s the last time you saw a huge, mountain of a man with bizarre ping pong ball eyes running around in his birthday suit gnawing on some nubile flesh? Yeah, that’s what I thought.
Anytime Jess makes his way into the jungle, the ride is always weird, wild and woolly. DEVIL HUNTER is no exception. And, as is the norm for Severin Films, we get another informative featurette with Mister Franco.
Next up is a sick giallo IN THE FOLDS OF THE FLESH. For those of you familiar with the giallo genre, this is a crazy ride into depravity. This baby is packed with decapitations, pet vultures, cyanide baths, swirly psychedelics and, to make sure that you’re paying attention, Nazi death camp flashbacks. While this sick little film is lacking in extras except for a trailer, but the movie is bizarre enough to stand alone without any of the yummy extras that we come to expect from Severin.
This time I did save the best for last. And the best is STONE. Heard of it? No matter, you will. Our brothers from down under have given us this classic biker flick where a gang called Grave Diggers is infiltrated by an undercover cop. What follows is an adrenaline fueled, one way, full throttle trip to Hell. This is the biker flick that will put all other biker flicks to shame. And if that wasn’t enough this baby comes with an extra disc with the classic documentary STONE Forever that chronicles the making of this seminal film. The documentary is almost better than the film that it’s based on. This set offers hours of biker filled fun that you are going to want to be sure to catch.
Severin Films shows with these releases why they are the definitive DVD company in the world for the true fan of good cinema.
May they last forever.
(NOTE: Since I'm an idiot I completely forgot a link to Severin's site so you can lay down some long green for these four masterpieces. Go HERE. You'll be glad you did.)

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