Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Netflix gave us what may be the perfect double header of cheese this weekend. I am, of course speaking of the two new releases, JACK BROOKS, MONSTER SLAYER and OVER SEXED RUGSUCKERS FROM MARS. Yeah, you read that last one right. Let's hit them individually, shall we.

JACK BROOKS is a good old fashioned monster movie. No CGI, all practical effects which are amazing. And, as long as you embrace this as the first in a series, this makes for a fine origin story.
You see, Jack's entire family was slaughtered right in front of his eyes by this monster in the woods. Jack managed to escape, but no one else did. Now, in his twenties, Jack is a plumber by day and a man forced into night school by his annoying girlfriend at...well, night.
jack's taking a science class being taught by the one and only Robert Englund sans Freddy makeup. Seems that Robert has bought the old place out on Watson Rd. and there's a demon heart buried in the back yard so, it won't take long before Jack is facing off on against an ancient Chinese Demon with plans for world domination.
Did I mention that Jack has anger management issues? well, he does and now he has found the perfect place to channel them. Killing monsters.
This is a very good film with an excellent concept. No CGI makes it refreshing in a sea of shitty CGI monsters. Plus, it actually uses the old standby of story and plot that eventually lead to the huge conflict at the end. It's not all BANG! BANG! KILL! KILL! like a lot of films today.
They could make a ton of these and if they keep this standard up, I would watch every one of them. Jack Brooks is the new Ash in the land of monster slayers.
Then we have the other movie.

With a title like that how could they go wrong? The answer is, they couldn't. when Martians come to Earth and find that the human experiment has failed, they decide to give life to a nearby vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, their entire decision is made from a homeless bum who accidentally drinks alien piss which transforms him into this horny old bugger that has wild sex with the vacuum cleaner.
Sounds like a crazy plot doesn't it? Well, it's the tip of the iceberg in this convoluted tale of aliens, vacuums and gay sex. Oh, I didn't mention that the vacuum was a boy? This is still just a small part of this epic tale shot on a super 8mm budget.
Watch it once and then get ready to watch it again as you hear what may be one of the most fascinating commentaries on the trials and tribulations of no budget film making ever.
While Dandelion is the only one who watched RUGSUCKERS with me, the entire Waltz Clan watched Jack Brooks and we laughed and screamed and jumped and had a blast.
The double feature at The Waltz Compound was a rousing success and we will have many more scary movies to finish out the month with.
On a sidenote, the RUGSUCKERS flick had a preview for DOLEMITE and now Dandelion wants to watch that. I can hardly wait.

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