Thursday, October 23, 2008


Any true fan of Eurotrash Cinema knows the name Craig Ledbetter. He's the guy who has that dupe off of some Italian television channel when you need to see FANTABULOUS, INC. or that Spanish dub with no subtitles of THE SHADOW OF JUDO VS. DOCTOR WONG that you order even though you don't speak Spanish, but need to watch it because you're a Franco nut.
Anyway, the recent hurricane activity has struck a mortal blow to all things Eurotrash. See Craig runs Eurotrash Cinema and the recent hurricane destroyed his beloved vault of VHS tapes. His family is fine and Craig suffered a broken arm and they were without power for two weeks.
The disaster relief in this country is horrid and really needs a rethinking.
But until then we all need to do our part for the king of all that is true Eurotrash.
Go to his site Don't buy anything, well you can if you want he has some great stuff, but it's not necessary.
At the bottom of his page is his email address. Use your powers of PayPal and donate to help Craig and his family in this terrible time.
Have a truly exploitative day and remember to give til it hurts, or at least stings a little.

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