Monday, April 19, 2010


A while back I mentioned how Ain't It Cool News has just lost touch and needs to go away.
Apparently this is also true of Roger Ebert.
A very long time ago when it was still Siskel and Ebert, they made the decision to ruin the end of Friday the 13th. They actually gave away the plot ending to encourage people not to go see the movie.
As a film reviewer I find this behavior reprehensible. It's like breaking the cardinal rule of reviewing. Plus, it's just bad form. If you don't like a movie there are many ways to encourage people not to go see a flick.
Now, Mr. Ebert is at it again. The film in question; KICK-ASS and no, he didn't like it. I think that Roger's recent battle with cancer where his face has been mutilated and his actual voice taken away that its time to go quietly into the night. He doesn't have to die or anything, but he needs to stop working. I think that his mindset makes him incapable of writing an unbiased review of any kind.
His time is over and his review of KICK-ASS proves it.

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