Friday, April 2, 2010


This is one of those movies where everyone has written it up and discussed it, but i never get around to watching it. Then I did.
It's time to discuss Shriek Of The Mutilated boys and girls. I can't promise that there won't be spoilers, but no promises.
Let's mutilate!
Okay, there's a college professor who plans on taking some students upstate for a search for the yeti. Apparently this search has gone on before and people have died. That won't be stopping our erstwhile group of heroes.
Without a doubt my favorite part is during the party where a former student of the professor's show up with his girl and begins to drink and spout off about what has gone before and how he is the only survivor.
They go home where she is pissed about his behavior. He's pissed because she has hidden the liquor. So, he slits her throat with an electric carving knife and hits the tub with a brewski or five.

Yeah, only she's not dead and manages to crawl to the bathroom with a toaster in tow and plugs the sucker in and throws it in the tub.
I've said it before and it needs saying again here, gentlemen.
Do not piss off your lady!
Really? she crawled through an apartment and managed to plug in a toaster and throw it in a tub before dying. Sheesh! That's one pissed off woman!
Then our group shows up on the island and it isn't long before our first victim, Tom, is assaulted by the yeti. I though the monster looked like a giant Pekingese, but who am I to judge.
It was at this time that I thought that Tom looked a lot like the head weirdo with the magical walking stick in Invasion Of The Blood Farmers.
Yup, it was him. I have officially watched too damned many movies at this point.
I stuck with the flick. It wasn't too bad. Could have used some boobies, but I got over it.

The twist at the end was cool even though I saw it coming from a mile off.
I realize that I'm probably the last guy to see this thing, but if for whatever reason you have passed on this I would say that now is the time to experience Shriek Of The Mutilated.
You'll be glad you did.

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