Monday, March 8, 2010

Paula-Paula An Audiovisual Experience (2010)

People always say that people will usually be split over a Jess Franco flick. Half will hate it, half will love it. I really think that Paula-Paula will be different. Because it's a tour de force and a wonderful flick? No. Because there are only 500 of these discs being produced. I think that this A a Franco film for the true Franco fans.
Being one of those I can say that I really like this movie.
Loosely based on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Paula-Paula tells the story of a stripper who has lost it. Apprently there is another Paula that has become a part of her and is also a dancer. Paula (Carmen Montes) is starting to lose it.
The movie is also about the music of Freidrich Gulda. This music was given to Franco by Gulda's family and Jess, being a jazz man decided this was the best way to showcase the work of the man who scored Franco's film Necronomicon.
So, it is a tribute film clothed in the usual fascination of the female form. I did think that it was interesting that Carmen Montes character appears in most of the normal shots while her doppelganger Paula (Played by Paula Davis) is in a mirrored, psychedelic shot for most of her screentime.
When Carmen Monte's character figures out what is going on there is only one, bloody recourse to solve her problem.
But will it?
Paula-Paula is a wonderful, moody, trippy 66 minute piece of genuine Franco. The disc is worth the price just for the interviews with Franco at his most candid. A truly great addition to the Franco realm.
And then there is my favorite reason to watch this film. A reason I have been spouting off about since Franco's Snakewoman.
Carmen Montes.
This woman is so adored by any camera that every scene that she is on the screen is pure bliss. It's a shame she doesn't do more film work.

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