Monday, April 12, 2010


I don't know why I downloaded this flick and then the opening credits ran. There was Joe Bob Briggs, Brinke Stevens, Hell even Heidi MArtinuzzi was in it.
And Randal Malone was in it.
See, I watched this flick forever ago called Dead Season. Ii was like Misery by Steven King, but he gets along with his stalker and invites her in. Add to that I'm pretty sure that
A.) The flick was lensed in Florida and I am a sucker for low budget Florida flicks.
B.) They use Randal Malone's house and it looks like it was decorated by Liberace.
Now for the recap.
Little Bernie is a normal enough kid. Until he discovers that his mother and father are cannibals. They introduce him to human flesh and he never turns back. Dad even lets him go hunting with him. He revels in the murder and cannibalism.
Then a crooked cop slays his parents because they were behind on their protection money. He lets Bernie live and Bernie grows up to inherit the family mortuary where he is able to satisfy his habits without killing anyone.
This goes pretty well until Ashley (Heidi Martinuzzi) gets bored one day and attempts to seduce Bernie. Bernie will have none of it and the little neighborhood slut wastes no time in telling her father and her boyfriend.
Her father, played by Joe Bob, is the chief of police. He can't be involved with any kind of vengeance so he sends the crooked cop and his partner to teach Bernie a lesson. Which they do by raping him after making him get in a dress.
When they are done with him Ashley's boyfriend and crew go snatch Bernie from his house, take him to the woods and beat the shit out of him and leave him for dead.
Newsflash! Bernie ain't dead. He's a beaten and abused cannibal wearing a dress and wielding a samurai sword and he's coming for ultimate revenge on all the bad people in the world.
This was a great flick! The rape, degrading violence is pretty over the top and can make you feel uncomfortable, but when Bernie gets into form this is a new classic of the slasher genre that can not be ignored.

Oh, and the original reason for me watching the flick is the pretty Rebekah Brandes who was in Midnight Movie which I also watched. She's playing a bitch this time, but still pretty cute. Heidi Martinuzzi's boobs were nice to see.
While Mr. Malone comes across as a more effeminate version of Divine, his fascinating house coupled with the fact that this man throws himself into any role he does, makes EVIL EVER AFTER well worth watching.

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