Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Midnight Movie (2008)

So, I'm puttering around at home on Monday because I don't have a lot to do until class Monday night. Anyway, we have Charter Cable and while a majority of it sucks, they have this thing called On Demand where you can watch what you want, when you want. So, I read the description of this flick and decided that I would watch it.
Here's how that went.

Midnight Movie is about this guy who made a film called The Dark Beneath that he becomes totally obsessed about. He is obsessed with scaring people and for the film he directed, wrote and starred as the skull masked killer with the unique spiral drill weapon of choice. He becomes so obsessed with the film that he manages to merge with it and slaughter an entire ward at the insane asylum. Oh yeah, he was at the asylum because the movie made him bug nuts.

Now we flash forward about five years where this little one screen theater is doing a midnight screening of The Dark Beneath. It's a small crowd of teenagers, bikers and a police detective and a doctor. Seems the last two are there to catch a killer. They have no idea what they are in for.
See, the killer in the film can detect fear. When that occurs in the real world he comes here and slaughters his victim. That becomes part of the movie. when the movie is playing the killer is able to manipulate reality in such a way as there is no escape from the theater, cell phones don't work. This group is going to have to survive on their wits.
Lead cute girl Bridget, played by devastatingly gorgeous Rebekah Brandes has the ante upped when she discovers her little brother has snuck into the theater. But Bridget has an edge that no one else, not even the man mountain biker trapped with her, has. Her father was one of those abusive pricks and she has the physical scars to prove it. She didn't let her own father hurt her little brother.
What chance does a psychotic movie monster have?

I really liked how they Incorporated the older film (Not a real older film, but I appreciated the attempt to make it look old) into what was going on in the theater. While a lot of the characters were stereotypes you got a few gems a long the way. The huge biker I mentioned previously having claustrophobia for one.
The lead, Rebekah Brandes brings believability to an unbelievable situation. And, I thought this was interesting, the less afraid she becomes of the killer the less of a threat he appears to be onscreen. I don't know if that was intentional on the film makers part, but it worked really well.

This was a definite throwback to the good old fashioned slasher flicks of the 80's and I was glad to have watched it. A definite good time.

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