Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bitch Slap (2009)

when I first got this I promised my sensei Chris that I would watch it with him. Yeah, he took too long so, I carted it out for everyone at The Waltz Compound to behold.
It was magnificent.
The basic concept is three hot girls digging for something in the desert. Along the way they fight, throw water on each other and have adventures in the desert. The plot line is pretty simple and easy to follow.

Because plot is the last thing we care about. We care about Trixie, Hel and Camaro. Trixie is the stacked, black haired beauty with eyes that will pierce your very soul and, quite possibly, your groin. Hel is the fire haired vixen with more secrets than you can shake a stick at. Camaro? Camro is bug nuts fucking crazy. Period. And, no, no pun with the period.

This flick has so many quotable lines that it's ridiculous. I now love the word 'cooterlicious' because of this flick.
The fight scenes are in slow motion with every jiggle enhanced so well that it is amazing.

Lots of blood and guns and fire and explosions to keep people interested who do not find three mega attractive women duking it out in the desert attractive.
And Bitch Slap knows what it's roots are. You can feel the perverted spirit of Russ Meyer in every frame. Russ isn't spinning in his grave, but he might be sporting some wood.

And if all this wasn't enough, Bitch Slap manages to take the concept of the flashback, turn it on its ear and make it its own in ways I did not think was possible. Screw Tarantino, Bitch Slap is where it's at.
So, drool over the pics, goggle at the trailer and then go watch this flick a buncha times.

You can thank me later for such a rip roaring good time.
And be sure to check out the credits. In a word, hilarious.
I'm out.

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