Monday, May 17, 2010

Motor City Comic Con 2010: The Adventure!

So, we decided to go to the Motor City Comic Con like we do every year. Martha and I volunteer at the convention so we get in for free. This year we decided to bring all five kids.

Yeah, I know, right? What were we thinking?
Anyway, the trip there went without a hitch. The kids were good and we even got there early enough to enjoy a little convention time with the kids before we went on our appointed duties.

This year we spent our time guarding doors and the freebie table. Dull, work, but it's what Martha likes to do the most so, hurray!
Then things got weird.

First Martha is working the back entrance and this young punk tried to get past her. She gently touched his shoulder to inform him that he would need a pass and he went beserk! Apparently, it was Daniel Logan and he played a young Boba Fett in Attack Of The Clones.

While this was going on Seann, my oldest, was getting seriously flirted with by some cyber girl who thought he was cute. All looked well for seann, until...
I was sitting at the back entrance where it was exit only. If you went out that door you weren't getting back in. Simple. Yeah, then this brown man tried to leave the door propped open so he could smoke.

Well, that wasn't happening on my shift! Who did this gy think he was anyway? I told him he would have to spare all of our lungs and he would need to walk to the only back entrance after he enjoyed his cancer.
Yeah, halfway through the berating of the guest I realized that I was scolding Todd Bridges.
Um, eep!

In the end, Todd Bridges didn't try to shank me, Martha was pulled away from Baby Fett before she could do severe harm to him and Seann's Cyber Girl?
Yeah, Todd Bridges cock blocked him for the rest of our time there.
Another magnificent, fun time had by The Waltz Clan.
My kids finally got to meet The Ghoul and he was their favorite part of the show.
And we spotted Captain ReRe again. He's the one dressed like the Joker.

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