Thursday, October 8, 2009


I normally don't do this, but this time I think that it's important. See, the new Polonia Brothers flick is out and available immediately through their website. This is the first Polonia flick since John Polonia passed away in 2008.
I checked out the trailer and will give a review of the flick after I buy it next week, but I thought it was important to get sales rocking on this now. You see, Mark has decided to make the film available exclusively on their website.
Go check out the trailer, bask in its awesomeness and buy the friggin movie already!

Here's the press release;

New Film Being Self-Distributed By The Shot-On-Video Pioneers
Wellsboro, PA October 8, 2009 - Polonia Bros. Entertainment's latest motion picture HALLOWEENIGHT will be released on DVD on October 8th, 2009. This film is written and directed by Mark Polonia (Splatter Beach, Feeders) based on a story by the late John Polonia (1968-2008). It was produced by the late Matthew Satterly (1968 - 2009) and features cinematography and special effects by Brett Piper (Shock O Rama). This film is a milestone event for Polonia Bros. Entertainment (PBE) and Cinegraphic Productions LLC, a subsidiary of PBE, for several reasons. It is the first PBE film produced after the sudden passing of John Polonia in February of 2008, although John did write the original story, and the film was produced as a tribute and honor to his memory. It also features the final performance of Matt Satterly, longtime PBE collaborator and friend. Matt both produced and starred in the film. Matt passed away unexpectedly this spring while the film was still in the editing stage. The movie is being manufactured and distributed entirely in-house by Cinegraphic Productions and Polonia Bros. Entertainment. It will be sold directly to consumers on the official movie website – . Every part of it's production and release including the copying and assembling of the DVD's themselves are being handled by PBE.
Shot during the Summer of 2008 in Wellsboro Pennsylvania, it is the 31st feature-length movie produced by PBE.
Mark Polonia said: "HalloweeNight is the culmination of many talented people putting forth their best efforts to make this film as good as can possibly be. It was produced, first and foremost, to honor the memory of John Polonia who tragically passed away as Pre-Production began. Sadly, after the film was finished, the Producer, Matt Satterly, also passed away. Ironically, this film is a feature length version of some super-8 shorts we made in high school, so it really fills a bookend in our film careers. Both John and Matt were in the original. I only wish they could have seen the transformation the entire project culminated in, from that early teenage movie, to this DVD, now finished.”

Here's the website:


Here's the trailer:

And is that poster sweet or what? Now go buy the movie!!!!!

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