Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cinema Wasteland Day Two

My good friend Denis Sheenan has this thing he writes called Train Wreckard. It's his exploits when he walks down to the local bar. Uncensored and brutally honest.
I'm goling to try the same thing here with a quick outline of what I did today.
Woke up and had huge free breakfast. Went and saw the Cuzin of Ghastlee show. Funny stuff.
Watched a documentary about William Grefe and his production of the film Stanley.
Watched Bill Zebub's Dirtbags and it was truly hilarious.
Drank lot of Blatz beer
Met lots and lots of people.
Participated in a trivia contest in front of a huge crowd and came in second. Got a Thriller t shirt for Martha. Watched Henrique Couto do amazing things with a ukelele. A girl in the audience flashed the crowd. She had lovely boobs.
Had some fantastic pizza.
Hung out with Bill Zebub for a lot of the night. Got to chat up 42nd Street Pete.
There was a panel with Jamie Gillis, Lynn Lowry, William Grefe, 42nd Street Pete, Todd Sheets and it had some of the b est strories I have ever heard. Thankfully, I had the foresight to tape the thing.
All in all, a really great night and a lot of fun. Tomorrow it will be time to go home. This has been quite a lot of fun. Can't wait untilnext year.
Sleep time now.
Good night.

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