Monday, October 5, 2009

Cinema Wasteland: The Wrap Up!

So, I have missed yet another deadline so I propose the following;
Sometime this month I will do a double feature review and that will take care of it. Sound good? Great! Let's continue shall we?
So, I woke up feeling pretty good for having consumed about twenty beers over the course of Saturday. We hit the free continental breakfast and ate tons of food to get through the drive home. Checked out of the room and headed over to the con. I said goodbye to everyone and had a mini interview with Bill Zebub. I asked him one question.

Bill, how do you get so many women to get naked in your movies.
His answer was genius;

I pay them.
Apparently a lot of places either pay the women shit or nothing at all. Bill pays them well and is upfront and honest with them. This was a great answer.
Later today I will post convention pictures. I didn't take a lot of them but I got some good ones.

Seeya all tomorrow.

One last thing.

If you have never been to a Cinema Wasteland, I highly recommend it. A great atmosphere, cool guests and some amazing merchandise available. A good time guaranteed.

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