Monday, October 5, 2009


One of the many films I caught this weekend deserves it's own little review here in Divine Exploitation. I am, of course, referring to Bill Zebub's DIRTBAGS. Being a big fan of his THE WORST HORROR MOVIE EVER MADE, the original version, not the remake, I was ready for more of the insanity of Bill's. Now, I am not one of his rabid fans. When he gets it right, like the aforementioned THE WORST HORROR MOVIE EVER MADE, then it is exquisite bliss. When it doesn't work for me in things like KILL THE SCREAM QUEEN, then it doesn't work for me at all.
That being said, DIRTBAGS is magnificent. Unapologetic in it's political incorrectness, DIRTBAGS takes the web based formula of telling a story. Where stories intersect, run off on their own and come back to intersect with other plotlines that run rampant throughout the film. It's about people running through their lives and showing how they interconnect.

Sounds kind of deep, but it's hilarious. You have Bill trying to get it on with his study buddy from school. There's the guy who can't leave his house because he's allergic to bees. There's the chemist who is brewing up all sorts of recreational chemicals for people from high grade LSD to poison to get rid of Bill. Oh yeah, did I mention that the study buddy had a jealous boyfriend? well, he does. Sprinkle in a raging gay pizza delivery boy and a weird health club owner and it keeps getting more bizarre. And I didn't even mention the gorgeous creature who watches our dimension from afar like we are experiments in a rat cage.
This is a remake of the original DIRTBAGS, but since I saw it first I might just count this one as the go to version. Bill Zebub seems to think that would be a good idea so, I'm all for it.
As is the case with all Bill Zebub movies, this flick is filled with gorgeous women from the wilds of New Jersey.
Oh and there's this bootleg video that makes appearances in the film that is nothing but women being crucified topless. Not really crucified, just tied to trees in a crucifixion style. The movie is full of that. Why? Why the Hell not.
Another classic from the lovely, twisted brain of Bill Zebub.

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