Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A New Paper Issue OF Divine Exploitation! (Sort of...)

Twenty years ago I went to Dearborn Michigan to attend Fangoria's Weekend OF Horrors. I met lots of famous people and had a great time, but there was one thing that ended up making more of an impact than anything else.
City Morgue #5
It was this raggedy little zine that I just knew I could do better than. It seemed so...I don't know, mean spirited. And I never thought of horror fans as being mean spirited. So, I decided to make my own zine. It was like Divine Intervention and thus was born Divine Exploitation!!!
The first issue was cut and paste as were many after that. I remembered doing a second issue that I could never locate.
Then along came a friend that I have had for over three decades. Christopher Young. It's also kind of fitting since he was along for the Dearborn/Fangoria ride. He had a copy of issue two!
Now I have made a special, digest sized edition of Divine Exploitation Issues 1 & 2 and it's available for order right now!
The cost is five bucks and that includes postage along with some extra goodies that I won't mention here and yes, that includes postage.
SEE! - The original cover drawn by my brother David!
SEE! - The actual, crappy xeroxed photos that you can barely see!
SEE! - Typesetting done by an idiot with no sense of design!

How can anyone turn this kind of thing down?
I accept PayPal at if you don't have PayPal then email me at the same address and we'll work things out.
I also accept trades.
For your patronage here is a pretty girl to gawk at.

Stay Twisted!

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