Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Also known as NIGHTMARE IN A DAMAGED BRAIN, I remember seeing this on initial release. Probably in a theater. What I remember from that viewing is that the movie was just so damned sleazy. Revisiting it has changed none of that, but let's get a rundown here, shall we?
Seems that George Tatum has been a bad boy. He slaughtered a family in Massachusetts and is now under the care of a New York Psychiatrist who decides that experimental drugs would be best to make him a viable member of society again. But there is something lying under the surface of George's psychosis. A deep rooted incident that we see little snippets of throughout the picture.
George has been allowed to roam the hooker filled streets of New York without supervision and his doctors are shocked when he doesn't show up for his first office visit. George has other things in mind and makes a beeline for Florida.
All is explained in the end which I am not giving away here. This is definitely one of the grimier flicks that should be watched by all horror aficionados.
A couple of things I want to make mention of here before I turn you loose on the trailer;
First, there is a kid committing a brutal axe murder in the film. You would think that they would do the old, shot of the kid doing the swinging, but all the carnage taking place with a double or some such thing. Nope. I'm pretty sure,. by the looks of things that they just let the kid go for it. This would have never happened nowadays. Even micro budget film makers tend to tip toe around this sort of thing.

Second, this film is literally packed with those cute, brunettes from the eighties. You know what I mean. Little chest, nice round, bottom, that short haircut and just adorable. Well, apparently, the director liked them too and we get a few of them in various states of naked. So, bravo!
There is a scene early on in the flick where George goes to one of those peep shows and he's in a booth with a girl who is behind a sheet of plexiglass. She is going to town with a vibrator when George has one of his seizures. When George has a seizure he foams violently at the mouth. Well, this is a replacement for a porn money shot if ever there was one.
NIGHTMARE still holds up well today. Sure, with technology the way it is today a lot of this would be thrown out like cell phones and the like, but it could still work and is a film that should be rediscovered by a new generation of film watchers.
Now here's your trailer ya video junkies.

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