Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jack Frost 2: Revenge Of The Killer Mutant Snowman

I have no idea why I watched this thing. Probably for that long subtitle, but I did watch it. Watched it with the littles and we laughed so hard I thought I might hurt myself. It's nice when a film realizes that its basic premise is so ridiculous that it ridicules itself. Makes for an easier viewing experience. Basically we have a killer snowman who was defeated in the first film (didn't see it) and now he's back for revenge on the sheriff who put him out of commission.
The suit is horrid, the little snowmen are funny, but horrid. The acting is horrid and the special effects are non existent. There is one scene with a girl in a swimming pool that is not horrid, but it's because she's naked and pretty.
I have no idea why the trailer for this flick is only in German, but it adds to the ridiculousness of the proceedings so, go with that.
Should you watch this. Absolutely! Should you go in expecting a horror movie? Absolutely not.
Did I mention the nice boobies?

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