Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I was going to do a post on what a bitch Carrie Fisher is, but then I stayed up late watching the series finale of Prison Break.
Now, before I start to spew hatred, let me give a little background.
Four years ago I happened upon this series and watched it from episode one. It was smart, a constant cliffhanger and all of the characters, even the most despicable ones, were interesting to watch. Season one was a prison drama. Season two was a chase drama. Season three was back in prison and steeped in conspiracy. Season Four, the final one, was a Chinese puzzle box of intricacies.
Now for the obligatory SPOILER ALERT. Because, oh yes. There will be spoilers galore and I could care less.
For me and a lot of other viewers, Prison Break was about the loyalty of two brothers. Two brothers that had less than perfect lives with less than perfect parents. One was a troublemaker and the other had a hero complex. As long as at the end when all is said and done the two brothers made it out safely, then I was going to be happy with any conclusion to this series.
And it looked like I was going to get my wish.
Everyone made it out with full pardons. T-Bag went back to prison. The General was caught and convicted for his crimes. Michael and Sara were together and she was going to have his baby.
At that point it was time to fade to black and let a perfect series end on a perfect note.
The the screen flared to life and the words, 'Four Years Later' appeared. Some of that was good. We got to see Lincoln with his woman. Alex had a new love with an old friend. Sucre was with his daughter. And we saw Michale and Sara's little boy Michael.
...as they all gathered at Michael's grave.
What did this do?? I saw no reason to take the star of the series and kill him off with no regard to the viewers that have invested four years of their lives on this show. As I mentioned before, the series was about Michael and Lincoln. They were the heart of the program and what they did for each other was what made it work. Now to make some kind of morbid capper to the show they decide that the operation that cured Michael didn't take? Hello! The same operation that they performed on his mother that did take? The same operation that had the advantage of decades of additonal research and planning all of a sudden didn't take?
Why would the people who created this show insult the viewer like this? The rest of the series was smart and made sense. Sure, there were some stretches of the imagination to the entire thing, but it made sense in its world.
It does make me glad that I didn't buy the series box sets. I told myself that they would come out in one huge box set and I would wait for that. Well, thanks Fox for saving me a lot of money. The final scene of this television series has managed to corrupt and ruin the previous four years for me. This might go down in history as the worst ending to a series of all time.
What a waste.
I think I'll go back to watching wrestling. At least I know what to expect and as of what I saw at the tail end of RAW last night...Ric Flair will never die.
Thanks for being there for me, Ric. I wish I could say the same for what was my favorite show for four years.
Excuse me while I go simmer my hatred.

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