Monday, May 4, 2009

Plan 9 From Outer Space....IN COLOR!?!?!

Yup, I was at my local Big Lots this weekend after a severely disappointing Free Comic Book Day. They had a ton of 3 dollar DVDs available. Lots of crap, but this stood out and screamed at me:

How could I turn this down? Being a huge MST3K fan I knew that Mike Nelson is funny. Sure, not as funny as Joel Hodgson, but still pretty funny. Anyway, this disc is as loaded as Ed Wood Jr. was in his hey day! Besides the colorized version of the flick there is a B&W version as well. The commentary is Mike Nelson poking fun at the flick in true movie riffing style.
In addition to that there are some bizarre commericals that Wood shot. There is a section for Ed's home movies that seem a little bittersweet and not at all funny. A little sad really. There's even a trivia track, kind of like Pop Up Video, but less intrusive.
All in all this is an excellent package. Especially for three bucks! Everyone should make the trek to their nearest Big Lots to see what awaits them there. You won't be sorry!

Here's a trailer for the flick;


S. W. Miller said...

Dude, had I known that was what you got there -somehow I missed it- I'd have turned around and picked it up! You know I love Nelson and you didn't obtrusively point it out? Oh, and why was F.C.D. disappointing? We had a blast! Sour puss.

Douglas A. Waltz said...

I didn't like the limitations on the comics. Everything else was great, just that really. And I'm sure they have more of those discs floating around. I think it was a grab it and then I was sick of being in the store. Since I used to work there I can only take small doses of that place.

Holger Haase said...

Ed Wood shot commercials? I never knew! Guess I'll need to check whether any of them are on YouTube. Or else buy that DVD... but then again how many PLAN 9 releases can I comfortably own before I am being embarrassed with myself?

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