Friday, May 1, 2009


I have this friend who co wrote a book called TOUGH TO KILL VOL.1:The Italian Action Explosion. You can buy that here. But be warned. It will cause a sickness. The kind that can only be satisfied by flicks like this one.
See, there was this distribution company called Action International Pictures a few moons back and they did what they do best. Cheesy, low budget action flicks. They had a director named David Prior and his brother Ted was an action star. Blonde, muscled and all the dramatic delivery of Dolph Lundgren without the accent. In other words, perfect.

In DEADLY PREY we have a group of mercenaries who kidnap people off the street to practice hunting and killing. This goes well for them until they kidnap Danton. An ex marine who has been trained by the head of the mercenaries. Clad in a glorified pair of Daisy Dukes, Danton manages to decimate the mercenaries with his superior training.

This is high concept stuff here people!
Forget your Steven Segals and your Jean Claude Van Dammes. Ted Prior is the classic action star and this movie delivers in spades. Action, blood, get everything an action movie was meant to be on the budget of a new automobile.
Anyone looking to further their education needs to get a hold of David Zuzelo's book and be sure to start their journey with Action International Pictures and watch DEADLY PREY.

Here's a trailer to whet your whistle.
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