Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Why I Left (And why I decided to come back)

On December 3rd I saw a picture on the internet of a three year old Syrian child dead on the beach. It felt like I got punched in the gut. I was ready to be done. It hurt to look at it because I felt that by leaving him there they removed his dignity in this heartless world.

Yeah, CNN really needs to do more coverage on these things. There was another picture;

That poor man taking his time to cradle that poor, precious child who has been taken from this world. Do you see that grim look on his face? I make that face. It usually means I'm ready to hand out some serious damage.
And what can he do?
He has to pick up babies from the beach trying to escape from a terrible situation.
It's a big world out there people and people are assholes.
Child murdering assholes.
All I ever try to do on this blog is report interesting things. Maybe drop some knowledge and make someone smile.
I salute that poor man who had the decency to get that poor baby off the beach.
My opinion on Syrian refugees?
What the Hell?  Let them in. If some of them are murdering assholes, take care of it. But we really need to stop things that lead to pictures like this.
I'll be back later in the week or next week with some new Nick Carter reviews.
Nick Carter.
He would have just infiltrated Syria, fucked the good looking ladies, shot the bad guys and beat up a mad scientist's rape monster.
I love Nick Carter.

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