Sunday, January 17, 2016


There has to be life on other planets, right? It just seems that the odds are too great in favor of this happening. In PLANET VOID, director Michael Legge gives us the idea of a planet similar to ours that had a meteor strike the planet, releasing a mold that kills anyone who is male. That's right, it's a planet of nothing but women.
Into this an alien approaches one of the women and impregnates her in the chance to bring women back to his ravaged world. In exchange he can offer her the return of men to hers.
Is that what Planet Void wants? They are able to procreate now without sex and able to keep the planet on an even keel. Do they need men messing that all up again?
The newest satirical comedy from director Michael Legge gives us a world of women knowing they don't need men to be successful. By throwing a classic science fiction plot of repopulating a dying planet he gives the women a chance to re examine their lives and decide what they want.
Anyone who know me or reads this blog knows that I am a huge Michael Legge fan. Everyone in The Waltz Compound is a huge fan. Legge gives the kind of comedy that works on more than one level. Sure, it could be seen as a straight forward sci fi flick with a bizarre plot twist. Or it can be seen as commentary on our world today. Sure, women are treated better than decades past, but there are still some pretty awful places to live if you're a woman. Eliminating the male of the species would probably alleviate, oh all of those problems. Do thy want to bring men back? Maybe they could teach the men not to be jackasses, but it sounds sketchy and they might not want to find out if it is worth the risk.
The cast is a cornucopia of previous Legge films. Lorna Nogueira shines as the lead being used by an alien to help bring women back to his world. Her life partner Cherry Lynn Zinger is always a delight to see onscreen. It's been a while since Mary Ellen Maloney has been in a Sideshow Cinema Production. It was nice to see her again. Linda Baxter Lasco is another favorite I was glad to see again and we can't forget the one and only Diane Mela who brought a snide sense of humor to her part.
The DVD is jam packed with extra goodies. The radio show Fussy Eagleton, Secret Busboy, a photo gallery, some trailers for other Sideshow Cinema epics and an interesting addition.
A Mondo Commentary. Legge took a truncated form of the film, did some commentary on it and showed some bloopers that occurred during certain shots. This was a really good idea. One I hope to see in future films.
PLANET VOID is a funny, satiric look at a planet of women who realize how good they've got it.
My only question is;
Why don't I have a Sideshow Cinema coffee mug?

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