Saturday, January 16, 2016


So, Nick Carter gets a visit from the son of one of his oldest friends. Seems that dad is down in Rio building a power plant and bad things are happening. Nick heads down there on vacation to find his friend dead and an assassination plot devised by none other than Fidel Castro to take control of Rio!
This one plays pretty fast and loose with Nick roaming the countryside of Rio. Running from one clue to the next and trying to stop an international coup in the process.
There was a scene where the rebel leader smears a woman's breasts and crotch with honey and lets the rats at her that is diabolical. I really liked when he kept changing costumes in the crowds of Carnival to take out the group of assassins. To throw them off he even dressed in drag to throw them off the scent.
When Nick goes to question the wife of his friend and she starts to feed him some line about knowing nothing he just knocks her down and starts to beat the crap out of her. This might be the first time I remember Nick loosing his cool like that and beating a woman that wasn't some sort of Nazi ice goddess. The attack comes out of left field and throws you for a second, but it's Nick Carter. He know what he's doing.

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