Friday, January 15, 2016


The boys are back in my favorite series. After skewering Summer Camp and Christmas it is time to make a visit to a haunted house in Caesar and Otto's Paranormal Halloween.
I really do love these movies. The slapstick aspect makes me laugh and the huge amount of awesome cameos don't hurt. I love that Ottos's mom is played by Beverly Randolph of Return of the Living Dead fame. She is still as cute as ever.
Vernon Wells is hilarious in his brief scene. Tiffany Shepis is always a pleasure to see as is Brinke Stevens.
Caesar, Otto and their dad are house sitting for a house with a history. Add in an amorous gardener and a psychotic cook and the boys have their hands full, especially when their dad goes off the rails after consuming some wine from a hidden cellar.
Throw in some evil politician's plans for California domination and Caesar and Otto ar, once again, in over their heads.
As far as entries go this was great. You can tell that director Dave Campfield keeps polishing his craft and this one felt like a lot more practical effects were employed instead of the amount of green screen work from the previous two films.
The movie never forgets to make fun of itself as it parodies films from Amityville to The Exorcist.
And, while we are promised a psychotic beach movie next, you know what I would really like?
I would like a TV series with these guys. Three films prove that they work as a comedy duo.
I can dream can't I? 


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