Saturday, August 15, 2015


Years ago we cut the cable to our TV. We got a ROKU box and life is better. We stream Amazon, HULU, Netflix and Full Moon. Yes, I have a subscription to Charles Band's streaming channel. IT is awesome. Don't judge me. Shut up.

Anyway, I heard there was a new show based on the Scream movies. I liked those so, why not try it?
Yeah, I don't see me watching anymore of these.
 One of my favorite parts of the movies was the back and forth on the phone between the masked killer and their victims. Now, with texting and whatnot we get that instead.
Yes, the cast is all very easy on the eyes. The closeted lesbian who gets outed on the pilot is very cute. But...
See, at the beginning, the slasher kid who loves these things explains why a series would never work for the slasher genre.
And he's right. He's so right that it makes you examine what doesn't work in the very show that he is on.
And it doesn't work.
Sorry Scream.
Also, the new mask is stupid.

Next up I stumbled across an older series called K-9. Any Doctor Who fan knows who this particular tin dog is. The series is set in some weird, totalitarian future with weird looking cops that smack mildly of Cybermen.
Anyways we get a couple of hacker kids on the run from the authorities who wind up at some mad scientist's house who is trying to recreate a TARDIS and bring his family back to him. When the kids accidentally trip the power source he loses his chance and reactivating the device brings out four turtle looking beings. Think mini Gameras. Who attack them. Then another surge from the device brings us our beloved K-9.
He attacks the aliens and realizes his only option for victory is to self destruct (???) He, of course regenerates into a new and improved K-( and looks awful.
I stopped watching at that point. Didn't even make it through the episode.


And it's not all new stuff, folks. I watched the entire run of the new WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER. It was so good. And I hated the movie that it is spun off of. Also, can Elizabeth Banks get any hotter?  The correct answer is no, no she can't. So, watch that and skip the other two. I just wish that SUMMER had more than eight episodes.

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