Saturday, August 15, 2015


So, for a while now, I have been working off and on on a novel about killer squirrels. It's going pretty well, but I don't see an end to it that doesn;t sound like the end of a James Herbert Killer Rat novel. There are a few of those. Anyway, I was riding my bike and realized I was looking at it wrong. It needs to be loud, offensive, exploitative. Like a nature gone wild, really bad B-Movie.
That helped with the thought process.
I also killed the title.
Originally, it was being called The Meek. You know, The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth quote. I thought it was pretty damned clever.
Then the new title came to me.
I saw the cover. The title. All of it.
And that was awesome.
So, my friend, Linc Polderman is working on some cover ideas. I told him what I want so I can't wait to see it.
The novel was pretty gruesome to begin with, now, well it's getting out of hand.
I like it.
I will keep you all posted as it progresses.
Thanks for reading.


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