Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mixed Messages From Comics Alliance

I like reading about comic books and comic book related stuff. Two of the sites I visit the most would be Comic Book Resources and Comics Alliance.
I recently stopped reading Comics Alliance because they seem to despise anything that is done on television. The Flash, Agents of SHIELD things I really enjoy they just seem to go out of their way to slam on a weekly basis. It was just exhausting.
If you don't like a show that much why would you spend week after week writing about it? Just seems petty and mean spirited to me.
But, as I mentioned before, I do like reading about comic books and comic book related stuff.
So, I went back.
Then the Chris Sims thing happened.
I'm not going to go into it, just click the link if you need to know;

Now, I am on Valerie D’Orazio's side with this so I was glad to see that he was being forced out of Comics Alliance. Sure, it said voluntary, but no one in their right mind would come back after that right?

Chris Sims column, Ask Chris came back yesterday.

To add to the mixed messages pile, editor of Comics Alliance, Jane Asselin published this article; 

Asselin has been on a righteous indignation path as of late. The problem is that while it is wrong for Renner, Evans and Whedon to make fun of a fictional character, it is alright to bully a woman until she suffers PTSD as long as you apologize for it five years later. That tells me that Renner and Evans will be forgiven in five years? Why not sooner? They did apologize right away. Shouldn't they be forgiven sooner using Asselin's logic here?

Now for a Black Widow aside;

In this case we will just deal with the Cinematic version of the character.  In the three films she has been in so far, Iron Man 2, Captain America 2 and Avengers 1, we see a woman in complete control. Strapped to a chair in revealing clothing, berated by a god, hunted by the very government she is protecting, she is always in control. Sure, The Hulk makes her nervous, but I consider that intelligent thinking on her part. She is fully aware what her feminine charms bring to the table and uses them to her advantage. 
Her advantage.
At no time are any of the men yelling at her, flirting with her, hunting her, in charge of a thing.
I think the feminists that are vocal about this need to realize two things;
One, Black Widow is a fictional character.
Two, she doesn't need your or anyone's help.

End of the Black Widow aside.

So, I think it is time to permanently sever ties with Comics Alliance. No more visiting the site, freeing up some free time for me.  
Thanks Comics Alliance!


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