Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Issue 5 is coming in June!

Check out the image above this post. Yeah, that's Mutantis and he's gonna be the cover boy of Issue 5 of Divine Exploitation. I'm hoping for an interview with the creators as well. We shall see. I'm thinking of getting rid of the numbering for which volume of Divine Exploitation this is. I think just title and issue number should be sufficient. Can't put a price tag on the darn thing because Amazon shifts that pricing around what with Prime and all.
What do you, the reader think? Yeah, that one guy who buys all of these damned things.
Anyway, Stew Miller will have an epic Mutantis drawing for the back cover. There will be reviews and stuff inside as well.
As always, if you want to contribute contact me here and we can work that out. Contributors get two copies of the zine their work appears in. Contributors retain all rights over their work and can use it any where they see fit.
To my contributors to issue 4. My apologies, Your contributor copies are going out this weekend.
I'd put a picture on this post, but I'm at work and...wait a minute, let me try something;

MUTANTIS!!! Ain't he pretty?!?!?!?!

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